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OAP/ODPOrganization for Oregon Activity Professionals Organization for Oregon Dementia Professionals

NEW COMMENTARY ON DEMENTIA FOCUS SURVEYS-see trends... new videos and recomendations - see best practices....New Job opening-see jobs....New Recommendations for products/Services-See best practices...New classes for summer just posted as of May 29th,2017.....

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With the fast changing events and trends in our field, we will now be including information about the Dementia Profession.  We will be posting information, education, classes that provide opportunites and information about survey requirements related to the dementia survey guidelines (CMS questions c8-c10). Many Assisted Livings are now requesting that their Activity Directors/Life Enrichment Directors also become Certified Dementia Practitioners. Long Term Facilities will be experiencing the Dementia Survey Requirements and will be required under sections CMS8-9 and 10 to meet these requirements.  We will post current  information along with opportunties for class information and locations to further your Activity and Dementia Education.  We hope to always be your valuable partner in career knowledge and growth.  READ our commentary article.... REALLY, DEMENTIA FOCUSED SURVEYS under the Trend Section.... Get link to 10 NEW SHORT VIDEOS on Why Activities Matter, How to use Adaptive Equipment in your Programming, How to use Wheelchairs Safely and for Fun.... Also service and products OAP-ODP is recommending....  under Best Practices Section....NEW CLASSES LISTED FOR APRIL under the course section and NEW JOB LISTINGS under the  Job section. 

Enjoy and let us know how else we may help your career growth....


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OAP-ODP provide an opportunity for networking in a supportive, compassionate  and fun atmosphere.  Join us for educational gatherings, CEU credits, learn about special event connections that will enhance your professional growth and knowledge.  Experience a growth in your career thru our networking and relationships with other professionals in the field. 


Here are some of the reasons that set us apart:

  • Our mission is to share information, and professional methods and techniques for Dementia Professionals, Life Enrichment and Activity Directors in Long Term Care/Skilled Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities and Home HeathCare/Adult Foster Care Homes.
  • To provide a network where Activity and Dementia Professionals can share and help each other provide quality of life and life long learning success to their residents. 
  • A support group for all Activity and Dementia Staff to share concerns, provide avenues for advocacy to improve quality, programming and community awareness for the senior populations.
  • Continued educations courses to advance in the careers:
    • National Certification Activity Director Training (MEPAP 1 and 2)
    • Attend Gathering Sessions or Scheduled CEU Workshops
    • Oregon State Certification Activity Director TrainingD
    • Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar



We are proud of our work at OAP/ODP.  Join us at one of our Gatherings listings are posted under event tab.



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