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Other News and UPDATES….


ANNOUNCENTS:  OAP-OAP has received a grant from Portland Community College to produce 3 videos about the Activity Professional Field.  These videos were filmed on March 2nd, and can be viewed on YouTube.  We hope you watch and enjoy these short but informative videos:  WHY ACTIVITIES MATTER …. is an overview of the activity profession and why it is important for our residents also additional career information and accreditation associations are listed at the end of the film….   ADAPTIVE EQUIPMENT CAN DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING….is a series of short videos demonstration how to use adaptive equipment from your kitchen or garage and implement these objects in different ways to help people: Cook, Make Jewelry, Enjoy Board Games, Play Cards, Play Dice Games, Building Wood Projects, and Paint.   WHEELCHAIRS SAFELY and ADJUSTMENT FOR PLAY… are two short videos that demonstrate how to use and adapt the wheelchair for freedom of movement and safety.  We hope you will view these 10-short videos and they will add to your professional skills and show you creative ways to use adaptive equipment …and help people do more than they thought they ever could.

YouTube address is: https://www.youtube.com/portlandcommunity college/connie ratti-adaptive equipment


Oregon Activity Professionals/Oregon Dementia Practitioners are proud to acknowledge the work of Curtis Cooper and his Longest Day Fundraising efforts for the Alzheimer's Association.... go to Trends and read all about how one individual Activity Professional had an idea that raised over $1000.00 for a great cause.... Way to go Curtis Cooper!!!



OAP-ODP… recommends-  ElderAudience as a resource for Activity Planning.  This website has creative and exciting programing.  Offering entertainment, educational speakers, variety shows, exercise specialist, outing destinations, arts and crafts resources and many unusual and fun events that meet all types of activity interest. Stay updated with ElderAudience, and be the first to see new and featured listings, contests and discounted listings for your events and activities. Contact information:    To subscribe to their newsletter:  http://eepurl.com/blf7Sr

Facebook.com/ElderAudience        Twitter.com/ElderAudience        Instagram.com/ElderAudience  


OAP will become OAP/ODP..... but we will be the same helpful and reliable source.  As we reach out to the changing concepts and education requirements in our fields.


Go the Trends and read the commentary on DEMENTIA FOCUSED SURVEYS. Classes in Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia Care Training are being offered at a reduced rate of 130.00 for summer only and September classes. After September all classes for Dementia Training will be at regular price of 189.00 per person.




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