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 2017/New Notes

Yes, really… a dementia focused survey!   Recent studies show that 40% of Activity Programing and Implementing are not currently passing survey standards nationwide.  That is right…. but while this seems difficult…. as good Activity Professionals, you probably are doing everything you are should be doing to successfully past this phase of the survey. Just in case you are not, I will share the most proven suggestions to help you succeed. Dementia Units that have good activity programming in place and use cultural change and person centered care have reduced routine medication use by 11%, reduced medication for bowel management by 40%, reduction of anti-anxiety medication by 50%, reduced sedative hypnotics by 50%, have a 50% increase in activity levels and a 100% in social interactions.  Long Term Care Units have had a 33% reduction in PRN medication for anxiety and depression, a 44% decrease in staff absenteeism, a 60% reduction in in- house decubitus ulcers, a decrease of 25% in bedfast residents, and a decrease of 18% in the of restraints when person centered care methods were used with meaningful activity programs and environmental changes that eliminated institutional environments.

We strongly encourage all Activity Professionals to take the Dementia Care Training Class, and OAP-ODP is committed to offering these class at a reduced rate to ensure that all Activity Professionals are REALLY reaching their residents and enjoy each day.

 As Always, Connie

All information in this commentary was taken from the CMS website:  Focus Dementia Care Survey Tools: Ref: S&C:16-04-NH; Focused Dementia Care Surveyor Worksheets; F-tag 309; the 2016-2017 Nursing Home Action Plan. All opinions expressed by the author are drawn from personal experiences.

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Some Corporations are requestion that employees complete the CDP - Certified Dementia Practitioner training courses and receive their Certification....new trends are developing and Activity Directors and Life Enrichment Coordinators may be asked to complete this requirement by some employeers.  In Long Term Care facilities, the CMS Focused Dementia Care Survey is being revised and preview surveys are happening  in some Oregon Facilities. This survey is in review / development in Oregon   This will require that in LTC facilities -training is offered for dementia care education for the front line staff, nursing and administrative employees. The CMS is asking facilities to verify there dementia care experience and education in questions 8b, 8c, 9, 10a,and10e of the Focused Dementia Care Survey.


What is a GERONTOLOGIST? This is a new field that works with the elderly and in the past several years has gotten a lot of professional recognition.  These individuals usualy work directly in the communities with our elderly.  They deal with many social and pychological issues facing the elderly.  Including but not limited to activities and community events, aging and health, death and dying, role changes and coping techniques, intervention for community help and resources.  More information can be gotten from Portland Community College, Gerontology Department Sylvannia Campus.


Changes for Social Service Directors in Long Term? Under consideration by CMS Guidelines is changing the requirements for Social Service Directors in LTC from having a Master's Degree to a Bachelor's Degree.  Social Service Directors responsiblities include but are not limited to replacement and discharge back into the community after a healtcare change. Adjustments to these changes from a physical and pychological imact, family roles and successful placement into a safe and successful environment.  We will continue to follow this change as it activity/life enrichment professionals also deal with these issues with the social service department.




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